Your corporate team creates and distributes a quarterly, or annual budget, for each store.  But of what value is that to the store managers on a day-to-day basis?

Managers of course will do their best to achieve the goals set by the corporate team.  However, they need a more realistic daily Net Sales goal in order to make the exercise of budgeting/forecasting more useful.  And they are the best ones to create these ‘realistic’ daily net sales forecasts.

By allowing the managers to create their own forecasts:

  1. Managers feel more ownership of the numbers and are more driven to achieve them
  2. Managers know more about what is really possible for a given week based on weather, events, staffing, holidays, etc.  and can come up with  much more accurate numbers.  The more accurate the forecast, the more useful it is in keeping COGS within budget and labor scheduling.

Restaurant365 provides managers an easy way to forecast their sales for the week ahead.  Purchasing logs and staffing reports can generate variances against both the manager set numbers and the corporate numbers.  It’s a tool your managers won’t be able to live without.

Morgan Harris  |  Co-founder  |  Restaurant365