We recently attended the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference, held in Las Vegas last week.  This annual gathering brings together operators, investors, lenders, and restaurant technology solutions, like Restaurant365.  There was a buzz of optimism at the conference by the attendees looking to invest in new technology and financing options, to help expand and build new units.

2015 Happy New Year“The past few years have required good operators to get better — and they have,” said Trey Brown, senior managing director at GE Capital, Franchise Finance. “The people left standing are, almost without question, the best of the best. They’re operating profitable stores. They’re positive and upbeat.” Restaurant operators and owners with the right financial and management tools take a measured approach to move from good to great.  They know the key areas in the business to focus in on.

Falling gas prices will also help drive restaurant sales.  The national average price of gas has dropped for 46 consecutive days, according to AAA, with a gallon of gas 30 cents lower than a month ago, and 20 cents cheaper than it was a year ago. “It’s putting extra income directly into the hands of lower and middle income consumers. Lower gas prices are like an instant tax cut. If gas prices stay low, 2015 could be the happiest year since 2007,” said John Barone, president of Market Vision Inc.

Restaurant365 is excited to be part of this industry, helping restaurant companies better manage operations, accounting, franchising and catering departments, all on one cloud-based platform.

Looking forward to a strong 2015.