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Employee Training

Increase Team & Guest Satisfaction with Employee Training

Improve brand consistency, boost employee engagement, and increase guest satisfaction with mobile-first employee training.

We don’t have a large administrative staff and were able to create our first four training modules with video content and a quiz within a week!


Brand Consistency

Mobile restaurant employee training offers constantly updated materials, promoting brand standards and improving guest experiences at every locations.

Engage & Retain

Multi-language AI capabilities foster team growth and retention with accessible, personalized training for diverse staff, ensuring everyone is included and supported.

Scale with Ease

A library of over 100 ready-to-use lessons, AI, and professional services for custom training materials help you confidently and effortlessly scale your training and brand.

Raise the Bottom Line

Engaging restaurant employee training boosts profits by reducing turnover while fostering continued employee performance improvements and rising retention.

Mobile Ordering

Inventory Management Simplified

Effortlessly create, manage, and submit purchase orders anytime, anywhere!

With mobile restaurant purchase orders, managers can track inventory and orders in real time, improving efficiency while reducing costs and waste. 

Improve Accuracy

Integrated mobile ordering and real-time inventory deliver a detailed picture of precisely what you need, driving consistently better CoGS, sales, and margins.

Never Miss PAR

Suggested quantities and auto-fill options ensure you always have the right ingredients levels on hand to fulfill demand and keep operations running smoothly.

Always In-Touch

Mobile-specific technology like barcode scanning and offline support keep your team in touch and on task while taking ordering to the next level.

Save Time

Replace unreliable paperwork with a system that helps you quickly identify what you need, build orders faster, and refocus on guests and operations.

AI & Automation

Technology That Drives Efficiency

Restaurant365’s suite of automation and AI tools revolutionize restaurant management and operations by making repetitive work obsolete, giving leaders time to focus on guests and growth.

Want to learn more?

Watch our AI & Automation webinar to learn how modern restaurants drive efficiency, profitability, and growth.

Smarter Hiring

Automate resume reviews and interview scheduling to save time and cut through the noise to engage and hire the best applicants faster than the competition. 

Better Training

Stand up impactful training for front of house, back of house, and everywhere in between by using AI to build learning sequences, posts, lists, and more.

Stronger Learning

Equip your employees with an AI-powered knowledge base that can provide immediate answers in dozens of languages based on your training materials.

Faster Payments

AI extracts data from digital documents in seconds, quickly, accurately, and automatically feeding it into payments and accounting records.