Why should a restaurant CFO be concerned about the deployment method of the software his/her team uses to collect and account for data?  There are 3 main benefits to Cloud ERP Computing that are directly in line with the overall objectives the CFO has responsibility for:

  1. Accurate and Timely Information
  2. Control Over Liquid and Perishable Assets
  3. Administrative Efficiency

A cloud based ERP accounting and operations solution such as Restaurant365 (www.restaurant365software.com) provides organizations with a whole new level of sophistication without added effort.  Having your data in the cloud enables you to gather and distribute information across your entire organization seamlessly.  Here are three quick examples of each of the benefits listed above:

  1. Weekly prime cost reports in the hands of the general managers at the stores enable them to stay within budget as they know how they are doing as the period progresses
  2. On-line manager log books require managers to account for and explain overtime, sales ticket exceptions, and food variances
  3. Nightly POS integration that auto-creates the daily sales journal entry in the General Ledger saves manual labor time

Learn more about how Restaurant365 provides multi-unit restaurant businesses with timely information, control over assets, and administrative efficiency at www.restaurant365software.com.

Morgan Harris |  Co-founder  |  Restaurant365