We attended the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago this year.  For those who didn’t make the trip this year, I thought I would share the top three takeaways from attending.

  1. There is no substitute for a relationship
  2. Vendors are doing everything they can to help owners/operators
  3. The industry is undergoing serious change

I met and/or reconnected with a number of unbelievable people during the show.  The value of my new friendships is immeasurable.  I am talking about prospects, partners, customers, industry experts, and even competitors.  You just can’t overstate the importance of connecting with someone in person.

There were an insane number of vendors/suppliers who are doing everything they can to make running a restaurant more profitable, cleaner, easier, yummier, etc.  They all are trying to make the life of a restaurant owner/operator better.  It’s an incredible resource that every restaurateur should take advantage of.

I can’t believe the size and scope of the changes hitting the industry.  Healthcare reform, employee litigation, and technology are the big three that come to mind.  It really is incredible.  I felt good that our solution, Restaurant365 was making progress in helping keep our customers ahead of these changes.

For us here at Restaurant365, it was wonderful to have participated in such a great event.  We will be back next year for sure and highly recommend that if you are in the industry, you should be attending too.  Come meet us there!

Morgan Harris |  Co-Founder  |  Restaurant365