As a follow up to “Top 3 Ways Software is Better Than People – For a Restaurant”, I’d like to counter punch those ideas with 3 ways people are better than software – for restaurants.

  1. Judgement Calls – The retail industry is a people business.  Taking it one step further, the hospitality segment within retail is really a people business.  A restaurant’s job is to make their customers comfortable and satisfied.  Customers walk in the door with all kinds of moods, temperaments, back grounds, budgets, tastes, and general circumstances.  Your ability to make small, on the fly adjustments to how you welcome them and make them satisfied requires great judgement.  Nothing is better than a caring person to make this happen.
  2. Selling – On average, 80% of a restaurant’s revenue comes from recurring customers.  The team in a restaurant should be constantly selling – even if it is subtly.  People buy from people.  It’s a relationship thing and it’s how the world turns.  If you can hire some gifted servers that can leave a memorable impression, no piece of software can beat that.
  3. Management –  Software can control things but it doesn’t do a good job of managing things.  An employee won’t stay with a company for many years because the software they have is incredible.  But they will stay with a company for much longer than they otherwise would if they enjoy who they work with and who they are management by.  This stickiness in staff reduces all the costs associated with turnover.  Some restaurants have calculated that each person they have to replace costs them up to $2,500 (time and money spent on training, administration, recruiting, hiring, and legal.)   Great people at the manager level can keep turnover low and morale high.  No peice of software can compete in this regard.

The software people use can augment their ability to shine and add true value to an organization but never can replace it.  Restaurant365 is designed with people and best practices in mind so that your people can spend more time with your customers, sell, and manage.  Let your people do what they do best and let your software take care of the rest.

Morgan Harris CPA  |  Co-founder  |  Restaurant365