I am a huge fan of Jim Laube.  He is a restaurant expert and has written numerous articles about how to run a profitable restaurant.  He is one of the contributing editors of www.restaurantowner.com.  If you are interested in anything ‘restauranty’, you will want to visit this site.  I recently read an article by him entitled “Critical Numbers:  A Weekly Report Every Restaurant Should Prepare.”

We took his article and added our commentary to it.  The reader of our paper not only learns from Jim why and how a weekly prime cost report is critical to cutting food and labor costs but it also why automating the process of putting it together (with Restaurant365 SAAS) is a huge benefit to the store manager and the folks at corporate.  Open the free report here:  The Merits of Keeping & Automating a Weekly Prime Cost Report

Morgan Harris  | Co-Founder  |  Restaurant365