We’re always looking for ways to make our products better. Our latest update comes to key inventory reports. The Actual vs Theoretical Analysis Report got a new paint job and some under-the-hood enhancements:

  • Ability to choose specific Sales Accounts to reference when running the report on certain categories for the % of sales totals (Example: you run the report for Category 1 Beer and filter the Sales to only show Draft and Bottled Beer sales so the percentages are a true percent of the sales that made up those numbers).
  • Ability to run in Category Summary mode – this will show rolled up totals by Category 1; 2; and 3.  This can useful with the Percent of Sales turned on so you can quickly see which categories need the most attention.
  • Option to include Waste or not in Efficiency calculation.
  • Added Waste to the dollars side of the report (previously missing)
  • Added full drill down into all values (you can now drill into the Invoice; Stock Count; Item Transfer; Waste Log etc. from this report)
  • Some basic updates of the Header terms used in the drill down reports to make them more recognizable and industry friendly.
  • Ability to run this report using the cost at the time of the transaction (Transaction Cost) or the current cost on the item multiplied by the different quantity values (Unit Cost). Previously, only
    transaction cost was used.
  • Other minor enhancements to the overall view/feel of the report.

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