AP Automation

AP Automation

Streamlining Invoices and Payments

End to End AP Automation Built Specifically for Restaurants

No more manual entry of invoices.  No more more manual cutting, printing, stuffing and mailing of checks. Earn payment rebates.

Streamlined business and operational functions are required to be profitable in this ultra-competitive industry.  The objective is simple: do whatever it takes to maintain focus on important matters such as food quality, atmosphere, and of course, the guest. R365’s fully-integrated AP Automation is the most efficient way to streamline the entire ap process in one system. From invoice capture, to approval workflow, to flexible payment options, our AP Automation solution is ready to help you grow.

How it Works



  • Electronic invoices flow directly in R365
  • Digital conversion for paper invoices that come in as scans or photos via email, mobile, or upload
  • Document repository



  • Invoices are routed through workflow for approvals
  • Customizable rules for routing
  • Multiple levels escalating approvals



  • Send payments directly and securely
  • Multiple payment options – check, ACH, virtual card & other digital optoins
  • Earn rebates (Cash Back on payments!)
  • Available Q1

An All-in-One Solution

Some companies use multiple systems to piece together components of an AP Automation solution, and still have to import, export or integrate with accounting systems.  Because Restaurant365 is your accounting system and your full end-to-end AP automation, there aren’t any hassles with third-party services and imports and integration.  R365 removes all the manual data entry of invoices, allowing restaurant managers, restaurant accountants and others to complete more strategic tasks with their time.

Invoice Capture Made Easy

R365 has two simple ways to get invoices into our platform.

1. Vendors can send invoices directly into R365

2. Managers and Restaurant Accountants can send an image through their mobile device or from a scanner, or upload directly into R365.

Through the combination of advanced proprietary technology and human validation, R365 captures all the detailed invoice information directly into AP Invoices.  No more manual entry of data!

Approval Workflow

  1. Set Routing and Rules for Approval in R365
  2. By Location, Vendor, Category, and Amount
  3. Multiple Level of Approvals, w/ Overrides
  4. Audit Log
  5. Email & Dashboard showing needed Approvals

Automated Payments for Restaurants

Finally, automated payments as part of a restaurant accounting platform.  Some partial AP automation solutions only provide check or ACH and don’t offer other digital or card methods of payments – or vice-versa.  Those payments then need to be imported, integrated or recorded back into a separate accounting system. R365 alleviates the manual entry associated with check writing and ACH uploads, introduces Vcard and other digital payment options, and can offer payment rebates back to the restaurants, turning accounting from a cost center into an area that can create revenue. Because the payment module is a feature within the R365 platform, no importing, integration, or maintenance is necessary.

Automated Payment options include the following:

Virtual Card

Single-use virtual card numbers sent to Vendors & Suppliers for processing payment

Proxy Payments

Vendors that require website or telecom processing.


An ACH process that charges Vendors flat processing fee negotiated based on the value proposition

Standard ACH

Where rebates cannot be achieved, the focus turns to achieving automation.


The full outsourced payments model would include Check payments included in payment file.

Getting Started Is Easy

Restaurant365 makes getting starting easy and painless. A designated setup coach will guide you through set-up process.

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