R365 Customer Cousin’s Bar-B-Q Selected as a Toasty Awards Finalist

Cousin’s Bar-B-Q has been selected as a top 5 Toasty Awards Finalist for Masters of Technology.

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  3. For “Why should this restaurant win an award,” we recommend: Cousin’s is leading the way into the future of restaurant technology by adopting a Toast as cloud-based POS solution and selecting premier partners like Restaurant365 to completely overhaul their systems in 2018 and position them for growth and success.

Here’s what Brandon Smith, Director of Sales for Cousin’s Bar-B-Q, had to say about their nomination:

It was most difficult for us to select which award to nominate our Team for; however, we truly believe that the best choice is the ‘Masters of Technology’ award. Cousin’s Bar-B-Q was founded in 1983, and in 2018, we grew leaps and bounds in our technology efforts to align our team for future success and growth!

This all began with a scrutinized analysis of our Legacy POS system in late 2017 and then followed by the discovery of a perfect Cloud Based solution with Toast POS. We opened two new DFW Airport locations in early 2018, and determined them to serve as an opportunistic and fitting test arena for a new POS at all of our locations. Quickly, we fell in love with the ease of accessible information; a mere few clicks away within the Toast backend. Immediately, we were able to review menu item analytics that were previously daunting to retrieve via the Legacy POS. Our internal Commissary drives these two new locations, and we deliver freshly smoked BBQ to the locations daily. The Toast POS technology alone clearly provided us a leg up on mitigating the growing pains from doubling our Commissary sales overnight.

As stated above, adopting Toast was merely the beginning. With all of the API partners available, and finally, having a menu database that affords us the ability to easily make changes, we made the major decision to adopt an inventory solution and eliminate Excel Sheets for good! After many hours of configurations, not only did we accomplish redundancy reductions and saving our back office a plethora of time, we are now able to manage our newest locations’ prime costs via Actual vs. Theoretical usage, creating more team accountability and business awareness.

It was at this point that we knew that Toast POS technology was needed at ALL of our locations; however, retrofitting our current restaurant networks wasn’t going to solve the problem. After all, the majority of our locations are 15 – 35 years old. What we needed were complete network overhauls! Each location network was meticulously combed through and specifically tailored for our current and future needs. We started with getting new Dell Sonicwalls, 24 Port PoE Gigabit switches, brand new Cat6 data drops, and Open Mesh secure WAPs. We mounted those in dedicated equipment racks, in anticipation for the new systems to arrive. Additionally, we threw in some data drops for a future VoIP phone system to adopt at a future time. Besides dealing with one pesky ISP, all locations’ network overhauls moved flawlessly!

Meanwhile, as our company leap frogged from managing $12,000,000 to $16,000,000 in sales, Quickbooks was quickly confirming our need for an improved accounting software product. We then began another search through Toast API solutions. Low and behold, we discovered that our perfect model for this accounting software was conveniently located on their partners list, Restaurant365. We recently signed with R365 in December 2018 and have currently begun our implementation at this time.

Many restaurant groups might have stopped right there, but not us! In addition to all of the above, we also launched a brand new Cousin’s Intranet for both our Corporate and location level employees. All of our training materials, contact lists, calendars, dietary menus, and basically all things Cousin’s are easier to access than ever before and are conveniently located in one go to spot!

Discovering and adopting a new POS, check. Inventory + AvT, check. Completely redo all location networks, check. Change our accounting, check. Build and house everything in an Intranet, check.

Thank you for awarding us the opportunity to brag on our team! We hope that your team agrees that 2018 was truly a year to call us “Masters of Technology!”

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