R365 Intelligence: See Restaurant Analytics & Profits in a Snap

R365 Intelligence helps restaurant leaders effortlessly visualize, blend, and understand internal and third-party restaurant data so you and your leaders spend less time diagnosing and understanding problems and more time sharpening operations and supporting growth.
See why more than 40,000 restaurants use R365’s restaurant management software to increase sales, control food costs, and optimize labor.

Current Customers

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Compile & Compare

Put POS, sales, and labor data in one place with a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to mix and match data to drive actionable insights.


Dig Into Leaner Costs

Develop a data-driven strategy to boost profits & bolster guest experiences.


See What Matters Most

Intuitive design helps you visualize critical data with a dynamic interface that eliminates confusion and gets you growing quickly.


Build the Dashboards You Need

Create standardized reports and present data that positively impact operations, margins, and profits. 


Empower Your Entire Team

Deliver the right metrics to the right people at the right time, empowering them to bolster their function, department, or store. 

Customers Save Time & Boost Profits with R365

Restaurant365 turned our store operators into true store managers, giving each a voice and the confidence needed at the executive table. They understand every single number on the P&L, how they got there, and have the control they need to make improvements.
Patrick Waiyawaytar,
Vice President of IT
California Fish Grill
As MOOYAH became more focused on data, we found ourselves in need of a central reporting system. Ctuit Radar (now R365) enabled us to couple this with technology that increased operational efficiencies at all locations.
Jessica Wescott,
Director of Finance
The ability to manage all operating metrics, like the prime costs of food and labor, will make it easier for us to provide benchmarking and support to our franchisees. They can see immediately how their results compare to other franchisees and the company performance.
Brian Daniels,

R365 Intelligence

Run Your Restaurant Company with Data-Driven Confidence

Easily access, organize, see, and share the information you and your team need to make the profit-driving decisions at the right time. 


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about R365 Accounting and our reporting, analytics, and business intelligence capabilities.

Business intelligence (BI) software is a type of application software designed to retrieve, analyze, transform, and report data for business intelligence. R365 Intelligence is BI software is used to support a wide range of restaurant business decisions ranging from operational to strategic. It includes tools for data mining, online analytical processing, querying, reporting, and data visualization. 
Business Intelligence software helps restaurant operators to gain valuable insights into their operations. It can be used to track sales, analyze customer behavior, identify trends, optimize pricing, and more. The software can also provide reports and dashboards that give restaurant operators a comprehensive view of their business and help them make better decisions. Additionally, Business Intelligence software can provide predictive analytics that can help restaurant operators anticipate customer demand and make adjustments as necessary. 
Business intelligence software can be used to track multiple restaurant KPI’s, such as sales, employee efficiency, and operational costs. Tracking sales can help restaurants to identify areas of growth and understand their customer base. Employee efficiency KPI’s can be used to measure and optimize staff productivity. Lastly, operational costs can be monitored to understand expenses and profitability. With business intelligence software, restaurants can quickly and easily track a wide range of KPI’s to gain insights into their business performance. 
Franchises want software that helps them rank their stores in order to gain a better understanding of which stores are performing better than others and identify areas for improvement. This data can help them identify which stores are the most successful and which need to be adjusted in order to be more profitable. Additionally, software can provide valuable insights into customer preferences, helping franchises form more effective marketing strategies.