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Waking up hours before sunrise and pushing through the morning rush is hard enough. Your coffee shop software shouldn’t make all your other work more difficult. With Restaurant365’s coffee shop management software, bakery software, and small business restaurant software, you can integrate every aspect of your operations and all your technologies to streamline your business while getting real-time insight into performance and where guest experience and profits can be improved.  

Integrated, automated coffee shop accounting software and bakery software eliminate tedious, time-consuming back-office work, including accounts payable, bank reconciliations, cash management, reporting, and payroll.

With R365 you get:  

See why more than 40,000 restaurants use R365’s restaurant management software to increase sales, control food costs, and optimize labor.

All-in-one Software

Say Hello to Simplicity

Unleash your restaurant's potential with the industry’s best restaurant back office software. R365 eliminates disparate systems and brings your accounting, operations, and payroll together into a single software.


Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette is a bakery café specializing in pastries, breads, and various drinks. With over 3,000 locations worldwide, 75% of which are franchised, Paris Baguette leverages Restaurant365 to identify top variance ingredients and reduce food waste to bring down cost of goods sold. The company also automates its accounting and invoicing across franchises through Restaurant365’s accounting platform.


R365 Partner Ecosystem

Frictionless Integrations

R365 makes restaurant vendor management easy. Our leading restaurant software integrates with hundreds of food and liquor distributors, restaurant technologies, and POS systems to give you everything you need to drive simplicity, profit, and growth.

Ben E. Keith
US Foods

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Accounting, Budgeting, and Bookkeeping Software for Restaurants

Pull data directly from your POS, automatically creating daily sales and labor accrual journal entries for your general ledger.

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Food Inventory Control and Visibility

Automate food inventory management to control costs.


Strategic Scheduling

Create schedules faster and optimize labor costs across multiple locations by predicting needs based on historical sales.

restaurant management system


Fast and Flexible Restaurant Payroll Systems

The best restaurant payroll reduces manual work and helps calculate, audit, and process payroll accurately and in less time.

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See why more than 40,000 restaurants say Restaurant365 is the top restaurant software system to increase sales, control food costs, and optimize labor.