Successful multi-unit restaurant businesses are fiercely watching cash flow.  The most profitable and well-run restaurants only pay what is required – when it is required.   They also take advantage of every credit and every discount.  They also keep records clean and matched to the vendor’s system thereby minimizing any confusion or reconciling time.  With hundreds of vendors making thousands of deliveries each month, keeping it all straight is an accounting teams number one priority. 

Restaurant365 has a check run screen designed specifically for multi-unit operators.  The screen is specifically designed to allow the restaurant accountant to do the following:

  • See at a glance open invoices, credit memos, and available discounts on a single screen
  • See a running total of your check run as you select invoices
  • See which vendors have open credits as you select invoices to pay and allows me to instantly apply them during the run
  • See which invoices have available discounts based on my check run date and invoice payment terms
  • Select on the fly which account you want the discounts to be applied to
  • Make a custom memo on each check
  • See how much you are paying one vendor as you are selecting invoices (net of credits and discounts)
  • See the impact your current invoices selections will have on your bank balance (net of credits and discounts taken)
  • Restrict the view to display invoices only for one vendor
  • Restrict the view to display invoices from only one legal entity
  • Restrict the view to display invoices from only one of your locations
  • A clear and detailed check stub that acts much like a statement to keep records matched to how the vendor records it

It’s restaurant accounting software specifically designed to preserve a company’s most liquid resource – cash. 

Morgan Harris CPA  |  Co-founder  |  Restaurant365