Choose Restaurant365 Over CrunchTime

80,000 options or one, easy solution? Restaurant365’s all-in-one accounting and back-office solution alleviates the high burden placed on restaurant operators – allowing you to operate more efficiently and profitably in a digital world.

Save time. Reduce turnover. Drive Profit.



Forget about managing multiple systems.

Use ONE, restaurant-specific platform to manage the totality of your accounting, inventory, labor, scheduling and payroll needs.


Modernize your restaurant accounting.

All the accounting features & tools you need to run a successful business connect seamlessly to your POS system, payroll processes, vendors and bank.


Empower your operators.

Easy to understand & automated reporting, dashboards and workflows give managers time back to focus on driving the customer experience.

Solution / Feature Comparison

Compare offerings so you can choose the best management platform for your restaurant:

Accounting Included in all-in-one Need separate system
Intercompany Transactions Included in all-in-one Included
Inventory Management Included in all-in-one Included
Labor Management Included in all-in-one Included
Employee Scheduling Included in all-in-one Included
Payroll & HR Included in all-in-one Included
POS Integrations Pull detailed data automatically from 70+ POS systems Select POS systems
Vendor Integrations Simplify your AP automation process with 50+ direct food vendor integrations Select vendors
Ease of Use Easy to learn and use on a day-to-day basis Recommend multiple dedicated, full-time Administrators

What Restaurant365 Customers Are Saying

“We have both franchise and independent restaurants. Having the ability to consolidate our P&L's, roll them up in different ways, and slice and dice the numbers is very powerful. To then be able to drill down to an invoice from the P&L, review sales trends, measure guest counts, forecast your business, schedule staff, audit time punches, review cash flow/bank balances – all in the same system – that is very convenient and a time saver.”

- Bobby Pancake, Owner, High 5 Hospitality

“With Restaurant365, we can give our operators access to live P&Ls that provide the transparency they need. They can drill down into the details they need to better manage expenses, without having to pick up the phone and call my office. They can easily compare their expenses to earlier periods at their own store, or to our other [locations] in their vicinity.”

- Robert Madson, CFO, DD Enterprises

“I’d say to other restaurant operators that their teams will enjoy the simplicity, yet the fullness of the features that are added within this new experience. It's user friendly, but it also has the features that we've long wanted and needed to operate our restaurants.”

- John Paul (JP) Thomas, Director of Operations, Honeygrow

Recognized on G2 in the Restaurant Management Category


More Than 28,000 Restaurants Trust Restaurant365 to Align Finance & Operations and Drive Profit

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