We had a meeting this morning with Tim and Randy of Chronic Tacos on Irvine (Corner of Alton and Jefferey) www.chronictacos.com.  The meeting was productive but the highlight for me was the breakfast burrito Tim served us.  It was cooked to perfection and had all the fixings I love – cilantro, bacon, cheese – yum!  I devoured it in moments.  I don’t remember enjoying a breakfast burrito as much as this morning for some reason.  I highly recommend it.   I could tell as we sat down that I wasn’t the only one clued into this hot item.  At 10:00 in the morning, there was a steady stream of folks coming in to grab their own.  Great stuff.  If you get the craving for breakfast, find your way to Chronic Tacos.  It’s fast, fresh, and yummy to the last bite.  I will be back soon!

Morgan Harris – Co-founder | Restaurant365