Last week I I found myself in Salt Lake City.  I was invited to speak at the Marriott Business School at Brigham Young University (  On Friday night after my lecture to 150+ students, my wife and I drove to Salt Lake and met some family at Cucina Toscana (  I had never been there but it had come highly recommended.  The atmosphere was jumping and alive, fresh and different, crowded but we got right in, what more could you expect?  The service was excellent.  I think my water glass was refilled every 2 mins.  They were paying all kinds of attention to me.  They did a wonderful job with the presentation of the food (that they take the time to prepare at your table side).  It’s a nice touch.  We loved it so much we just sat and chatted and stayed for about an hour after we had finished eating, just enjoying the room we were in and tasting all kinds of their desserts.  We got the bill and all guessed how much it was going to be and were all surprised at how inexpensive it was.   A final fun element was the presence of the owner Valter Nassi running around taking pictures wtih the guests.  Totally Itailian.  Totally fun.  We will be back for sure.  If you find yourselves in the ‘cross roads of the west’, look this place up.  It’s everything Italian should be. 

Morgan Harris – Co-founder | Restaurant365