There are three important attributes of good reporting in any restaurant – and they can be categorized by three words all starting with the letter ‘A’.

  • Accurate
  • Actionable
  • Accessible

Let’s briefly touch on each one:

Accuracy – This might be the most obvious one but it isn’t always a given if you find yourself re-keying data from one system to another.  Also, if you are looking at the same data out of two systems, it always possible (and is frequently the case) that something is entered in the one that didn’t make it into the other thus causing the data to be off.  Restaurant365 helps eliminate this by reducing the number of systems needed to run a restaurant – it’s all in the same database.

Actionable – This has to do with when your people get the data.  Is it a day or two after the end of the period or is it a few weeks?  (heaven forbid it is a few months!)  Reporting becomes less and less useful as time passes.  And in a restaurant, there is a big difference between a day, week, or month.  Restaurant365 polls data from your POS nightly that creates your sales & labor accrual entries for you each day.  Managers enter or import vendor invoices and their stock counts in Restaurant365 at the store level each day.  So reports such as the Weekly Prime Cost report by Location can be generated on the morning after the end of your week!

Accessible – What good is a report or data if the people who need it, can’t get to it.  Restaurant365 puts this powerful back office information in the hands of the store managers.  They are the ones that can impact the restaurant the most.  They are the ones that can do the most with it – as long as they can easily get to it.  It’s about user adoption and ease of use as much as training.   Restaurant365 puts all this info in the hands of the store managers directly.

Morgan Harris  | Co-founder  |  Restaurant365