Why the Fixed Assets System is Great:

    • One System of Record – No more Excel files or dedicated fixed asset software. Restaurant365 calculates the depreciation and records it for financial reporting.
    • Quick to Implement – Import multiple assets using an Excel fi le from your legacy system into Restaurant365. Review the data and then mark them as active to pass the depreciation process to Restaurant365.
    • Easy to Update – Transfer assets between locations and update them based upon changes provided by auditors or other sources. A new depreciation schedule is created and adjustment entries will be made.
    • 360 Degree View – Link expenses and track service activity to proactively identify troubled assets.

Feature Highlights:

  • Construction in Progress function to accumulate costs prior to placing an asset into service.
  • Create assets from a potential asset list based upon transactions posted to a specifi c GL account.
  • Easily move/transfer assets between locations that include intercompany journal entries.
  • Retire, Split, Delete and Duplicate assets for faster processing.
  • An Audit Trail accumulates changes to the asset record for quick reference.