Whenever I meet a prospect or a potential solution partner for lunch, I try to prepare as much as possible for the visit.  I check the person’s most recent LinkedIn status, I look for new content on their company’s website, and I bring notes for each of the topics I want to discuss with them.  I dress in a shirt and tie.  In short, I do everything I can to make it the best use of time possible.  One of the things I depend on is having a great place to meet where the food will excellent, the service will be prompt and polite and professional.

Of all the places I have taken prospects and clients over the past 15 years of my career, Houston’s is my favorite.  The location closest to us in located off Michelson and Jamboree in Costa Mesa.  It’s a few buck’s more than I’d like to spend for lunch but all things considered, it’s worth the extra $.

I never feel rushed, the food is off the charts and consistent, and the service is always friendly.  These guys have it dialed in.  If you have not been their lately, give it a try again.  If you have some other suggestions, please let me know.

Morgan Harris