Banking Integrations

Securely Connect to Your Bank


Direct bank connections allow you to connect your financial institutions directly to the bank activity feature in Restaurant365 and automatically download your bank activity transactions. The direct bank connection feature allows you to obtain and import your bank activity with a single click, all from within R365.

With direct bank connection, you can enjoy automated bank reconciliation, easily record daily deposits with automated tracking, quickly and securely pay vendors using R365 AP Automation, and save even more time with automatic check signatures.

How it Works 

In order to use the direct bank connect feature, you must first connect your financial institution, and then link it to an existing bank account record. When using R365 direct bank connections with bank accounts utilizing multi-factor authentication, it may be necessary to re-authenticate  each time you retrieve bank activity. This is a security feature imposed by your financial institution. 

Automated bank reconciliation is available via direct web connect or file upload. Reconcile your activity every day — it takes only minutes — and avoid the end-of-month reconciliation nightmare.

Park Burger
Lynn Scharff
Park Burger

When I came on board and looked at our accounting system at the time, nothing reconciled — AP ledgers didn’t tie to G/L, intercompany accounts didn’t net, and we had credit balances in inventory accounts. R365 is much more user friendly and helps me prevent a lot of potential errors. I have created a ton of efficiencies just through bank reconciliations and all of the import capabilities.

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