Legacy Comparison Program

Legacy Comparison Program

“I am so happy we made the move. It’s been the greatest decision we’ve ever made.”

– Irene Caiazzo, Accounts Payable Manager Speedy Romeo

Upgrade to the most powerful restaurant accounting, operations, and reporting platform on the market.

How do we stack up? See for yourself. Below is a comparison of R365 to an accumulation of several legacy products that we see our customers using before making the move. While you can’t find any one product that does everything R365 can, below is a side by side of what we move people off of every day. Many products combined to try and accomplish what R365 does all in one!

Join the happy customers that made the move to Restaurant365


Top 10 Features That Are Better in R365:

  1. Restaurant365 can be used on a MAC, PC or Tablet
  2. Restaurant365 ships with dozens of restaurant-specific financial reports with full transaction drill down
  3. Restaurant365 comes with an automated bank reconciliation with your banks
  4. Restaurant365 imports full check level detail from your POS
  5. Restaurant365 processes invoice images via your mobile device
  6. Restaurant365’s inventory is easy to setup, use, and maintain
  7. Restaurant365 includes global transaction search and clean intercompany transaction processing
  8. Restaurant365 allows you to work and report on multiple locations at the same time
  9. Restaurant365 comes with a full Accounts Receivable and House Accounts feature
  10. Restaurant365 includes full Restaurant Budgeting module with daily Forecasting

What is the cost to switch?

We have a special discount program just for select Legacy customers. Call for a custom quote today.

Getting Started Is Easy

Restaurant365 makes getting started easy and painless. A designated setup coach will guide you through set-up process.