The Logbook module is fully integrated with the Restaurant365 platform, leveraging the power of the all-in-one system. View daily sales data at a glance, record manager log entries, track employee tasks, and store important restaurant documents – all from within the Restaurant365 accounting and operations software solution.

Access the logbook to track your restaurant’s performance and communicate more effectively with other managers and employees.

Track Your Performance

Track your performance – sales trends, labor metrics, tasks, and more – all in one convenient place with the Calendar in R365 Logbook.

  • Explore the details – Gain a holistic view of your restaurant’s daily performance without running multiple reports.
  • Visualize the trends – View monthly performance in a calendar to identify trends in your restaurant’s performance.
  • Reporting for all – View a single restaurant as a manager, or aggregate multiple units as a district leader.

Put Your Workforce to Work

Optimize employee productivity by delegating tasks to staff, leveraging automation, and verifying completion with task lists in R365 Logbook.

  • Delegate employee tasks – Create and assign tasks within R365. Employees receive and complete tasks on their phone via the mobile app.
  • Leverage task automation – Never forget a checklist with configurable task lists to automatically occur each day, week, month, etc.
  • Verify and validate – Cut through the noise by only receiving notifications of tasks needing your attention, such as food temperature violations.

Unify your Managers

Collaborate with other managers through the Manager Logbook in R365. Communicate, distribute documents, and more to ensure a  streamlined and secure flow of information.

  • Promote manager cohesion  Ensure a smooth transition between shifts by communicating with other management staff in a secure and audited system.
  • Close the loop  Create reminders directly from Manager Log entries to ensure follow-up occurs in a timely manner.
  • Automate document distribution  Store and distribute documents to other restaurant staff (including employees), eliminating manual distribution.