Compeat CMO Experiences Taffer’s Tavern on Opening Night

This article was written by Compeat CMO, Kristi Turner

Can COVID stop a new restaurant opening? Apparently not. Can Tropical Storm Zeta stop a new restaurant opening? Not according to the resilient team at Taffer’s Tavern. Despite a complete power outage caused by Zeta the morning of opening day across the entire city and state, the Taffer team rallied and successfully opened their doors at 4pm on Oct 29th, delaying original opening plans by just a few hours.

Taffer’s Tavern did not disappoint on opening night in the quaint yet bustling downtown Alpharetta. The ambiance and style of the exterior and interior décor welcomed us into what felt like your neighborhood Tavern. Gorgeous wood and brick décor with a breathtaking Frey Ranch Distillery chandelier.

First stop was the bar to try the promised hand-crafted cocktails. The bar welcomed guest to sit, relax and socialize. The promise of a local neighborhood tavern was felt as strangers interacted with each other and new acquaintances were made. Protective masks were worn by all employees as they buzzed around ensuring everyone was served. Our party of four tried a little bit of everything including Taffer’s Moscow Mule, the Bubble and Boca Morada. The taste buds approved and our bar server “Z” was especially wonderful. The Boca Morada was an explosion of flavors as a mix of fruit and agave with a hint of the Mezcal smoky flavor.

The restaurant was at capacity and turning people away. We were thankful we had reservations for 7:30pm and enjoyed a great roomy booth with perfect views of surrounding large screen TVs, live musician on the stage and large floor to ceiling windows with a beautiful view of downtown Alpharetta. Taffer set out to build a “tavern with a soul” and I think he succeeded. It was welcoming, elegant, casual and comfortable. A great place for drinks with friends, business meeting, sports night or girls night out.

As partners with Taffer, we are blessed to have relationships with management and thrilled to see their vision come into reality on opening night. From Taffer’s corporate office, Sean and Alan Walker were there ensuring Taffer’s vision was being held to the highest standards. Franchisee and the local management team of Vishal Chopra, Kristen McNeil, and Nuno Rodrigues were on top of everything ensuring guests were being served as fast as possible and enjoying themselves in the chaos of an opening night.

The Taffer’s Tavern menu had an array of choices that were tough to narrow down. Our group sampled the Pork Belly Skewers, Hot Tavern Pretzel, Osso Buco, Steak Frites and the classic Tavern Burger. No one was disappointed. Every dish was excellent and we even saved room to taste the adult version of a childhood classic, Milk ‘N’ Cookies 21+ which consisted of a warm cookie trio served with a whipped bourbon vanilla bean milk for dipping. Not a crumb left.

Taffer’s Tavern offered everything they had promised and above all else it was a symbol of hope in our industry during this global pandemic. Having frequented new store openings for many years Taffer’s Tavern was the first new store opening I have attended since COVID started in March. It was an opportunity to focus on the positive and the future for just a few hours versus the struggle our industry has experienced over the last seven months.

Thank you Taffer’s Tavern for a great night out. Cheers to many more new restaurant openings across the country in our future.


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