How Compeat’s Team of Restaurant Peeps and Technology Geeks Serves Restaurants Around America

This article was written by Kelly O’Halloran for Built in Austin

At Compeat, employees don’t have to ask for help — the help comes to them.

Take, for instance, Clint Blaylock’s team, who is building out the restaurant management system’s new payment platform. After an issue caused a major backlog for one of his team members, this colleague was likely going to have to stay late to fix it.

Or so it appeared.

“Without even being asked, I noticed that the other team members had completed their tasks and were all pitching in so that person wasn’t stuck here late,” Clint said.

It’s Compeat’s family-like, collaborative culture — which mirrors the very industry they serve — that has helped the company land their platform in 15,000 restaurant locations. We caught up with Clint, plus two of his colleagues, to learn more.

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EMPLOYEES: 207 globally; 115 locally

WHAT THEY DO: Compeat’s restaurant management platform provides accounting, back office, workforce and intelligence support for restaurants across the country.

WHERE THEY DO IT: The Domain, Austin

SERVED UP: Compeat’s “Culture Crew” plans community events for the staff like on-site shuffleboard tournaments, weekly massage therapy sessions, volunteer opportunities, and happy hours with eats prepared by fellow colleagues who have “chef” or “pastry artist” listed on their resume.

“FANCY AF FRIDAYS:” The tech industry is known for its casual dress code, but Compeat steps it up multiple times throughout the year for “Fancy AF Fridays,” when employees are encouraged to wear their finest attire.

Clint Blaylock, VP, Compeat Pay

“The individuals we have want to succeed,and we recognize them when they do.”

Clint, who just joined the team six months ago, is leading Compeat’s efforts through the launch of their new vendor payments product, Compeat Pay. Although a new product line requires quite a bit of dedication, Clint said his team makes sure they balance that hard work with plenty of fun.

EYES ON THE BASKET: Clint, along with several of his employees, enjoy playing disc golf together. “We are always looking to introduce new staff to the sport!” he added.

As a relatively new member of Compeat, what attracted you to the company and this opportunity? 

The chance to build something new that would have a big impact on customers. In my career, there’s not much else more rewarding than seeing something my team and I have built that creates immediate value and brings excitement to our customers. Plus, Compeat’s culture makes all that work a joy. It’s a great place to spend your working hours.

What’s it like to start a new team from the ground up, and how did you build an authentic team culture?

This is something I absolutely love to do. Building a team from scratch creates a fresh start for a group of individuals. We developed structure, set expectations upfront and provided the opportunity for team members to contribute from day one. This created an ownership value that you can’t find from a company that has been set in their way for 20 years.

Our team’s culture stems directly from the overarching culture at Compeat. The individuals we have want to succeed, and we recognize them when they do. This creates a passion that can’t be taught. We work hard because we want to, and we play hard. Our team has a belief and trust in the other team members to do what needs to be done, and they are always willing to help each other to accomplish our goals.

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What growth can we expect to see on your team this year? Who will you be looking to hire and what will they be working on? 

We are actively looking to hire additional support as we speak. We expect to bring on additional operations and finance team members in the near future as the growth continues. On top of that, we are about to launch a search for a high-end product manager to help us research and shape the future of Compeat Pay.

Camille Patrick, Customer Advocacy Manager

“We have a ‘Dogs of Compeat’ calendar in the works, and I can’t lie — I am beyond excited to see this.”

Celebrating nine years at Compeat this November, Camille said she’s in the running for the most titles held in the company’s history. She’s worked in customer support, accounting, human resources and customer advocacy, with the ongoing encouragement from Compeat to identify organizational needs where she can continue to grow her career.

FRONT ROW: With a love for all things fitness, Camille’s favorite is SoulCycle, which jives well with Compeat’s close proximity to a studio at The Domain. The mother of three also enjoys going to the movies.

We heard no party or event goes planned without your help. What are one or two of the best events you’ve supported? 

When we were smaller, we used to host a family-friendly crawfish boil. As we grew, we wanted to continue to foster these types of activities to maintain our family vibe. Three years ago, we held a big picnic at a local park with our families and had outdoor games, a food truck and a keg. Meeting everyone’s families was a game changer that helped us form stronger connections with one another. Another good one was our surprise viewing party for one of our team members who was on a duck-themed episode of “Chopped.” We surprised her by blanketing the kitchen with duck “stuff” and watched the episode together.

In what other ways does Compeat foster a family-oriented culture? 

We have a Slack channel dedicated to showing off our babies! It may possibly be my favorite channel ever! We are also planning a “Bring Your Kid to Work Day,” and this October, we are hosting a “Cube-or-Treat” event, with each department decorating their areas differently. We host “baby pools” to guess the date, time and weight of our Compeat babies, and the expectant parent receives half the pot. We also often end our team meetings with a “tell me something good,” when you share something great that has happened with you personally. And, our Compeat dogs give a sense of home daily.

What are you most looking forward to within the next year at Compeat? 

We have a “Dogs of Compeat” calendar in the works, and I can’t lie — I am beyond excited to see this. We also have another widely anticipated “Fancy AF Friday” coming up this fall, and I can’t wait to see what everyone wears. And, of course, one of our favorites that we do every year during the holidays is sponsoring a family or families who have a child battling cancer. Seeing the company come together to donate, shop and wrap presents shows how amazing our team is.

Erin Jones, Executive Director, Inside Sales

“I just try and create an environment where people feel purpose and know that they are contributing in a much bigger way than what their role is designed to do.”

About 11 months ago, Erin joined Compeat to develop the sales development team. Her career spans many industries, but this role marks the first one in the restaurant space, which thrills her.

STEP UP: Erin is a certified life coach and spends much of her free time helping women who want to advance their careers, specifically in go-to-market roles.

Compeat’s executive team is a 50-50 split between men and women. What market advantages does this present?

I think we look just like who we serve. You need all different walks of life to run a successful business, no matter what type of business that is. I’m really proud to work for an organization that believes that as well.

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What else motivates you at Compeat? How do you motivate your team? 

I’m motivated by progress, hard work, fun and working with super smart and hilarious people! It’s really easy getting up every day knowing that I get to be surrounded by them. As far as motivating my team, I believe that is an individual choice. I just try and create an environment where people feel purpose and know that they are contributing in a much bigger way than what their role is designed to do.

What’s the culture like on your team? 

My team has high energy, they are purpose driven, they’re empathetic with prospects, they are willing to ask the tough questions, and they challenge the thinking of leadership in the best way. They are a team and care about their own success but not at the expense of the other team members. I’m certain their awesomeness adds to Compeat’s culture. You can always count on this incredible team to be there for you in a pinch, offer up a laugh if you are having a tough day, and inspire others by their hard work and wonderful attitudes!

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