How To Beat The Post-Summer Slump And Get Motivated

Written by Laurence Bradford, Contributor for Forbes. Featuring Jeff Stone, CEO of Compeat

Once we’re out of school and in the workforce, summer vacation is technically a thing of the past. However, summer still retains its connotation of fun and relaxation, which is why many companies slow down a little during the season. Plus, more employees than usual are out of the office for summer holidays, long weekends and family vacations.

This more relaxed summer pace can make it harder to ramp back up when fall begins. However, companies who are equipped with strategies to tackle the post-summer slump will get productivity back on track faster. Here’s how three tech companies are aiming to motivate their employees as autumn arrives.

Channel The Energy Of The Season

On an individual level, fall is the perfect time to shake off sluggishness and get re-invigorated. “Go with the collective back-to-school, back-to-tasks, and back-to-focus energy,” says Jeff Stone, CEO of Compeat. “Look at your professional goals for 2018. What have you accomplished? What needs to be readjusted? Where can you push yourself to possibly overachieve?”

Use this as a chance to review how your year has been so far professionally and pivot if needed. “Look at what is working and what is not working,” Stone continues. He also recommends reaching out to someone as an accountability partner: “Get creative and reach out cross-functionally or to co-workers if you don’t have a manager that pushes you. There are always mentors in companies. They just may not be in your direct reporting structure.”

Define And Commit To Goals As A Team

Having specific things to focus on and work towards can instill a sense of purpose into the office. “When summer ends, everyone is generally back from vacationing and we can put our heads down and build new features and products. The balance of the year is the home stretch for us,” says Aytekin Tank, CEO of JotForm.

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