Restaurant365 and xtraCHEF Announce Strategic Partnership


Restaurant365, a leading restaurant ERP platform, has partnered with xtraCHEF, an automation tool for restaurant purchases.

The partnership merges Restaurant365’s expertise in accounting, budgeting and financial reporting software with xtraCHEF’s leading restaurant invoice platform to deliver real-time inventory and cost of goods management data, analytics, and reporting to Chefs, Accountants, and Restaurant Owners.

“We’ve been working closely with the team at Restaurant365 for the past year, and this partnership only enhances the relationship between our two brands,” noted Dayna Barringer, Director of Business Development at xtraCHEF.

Restaurants can spend a lot of time entering physical invoices. Many receive anywhere from 10-15 invoices a day with 20-25 item per invoice. That’s 300 items a Chef has to manually enter.

To help chefs be more efficient, xtraCHEF developed an app that allows restaurants to simply take a photo of an invoice. It’s then translated and the data can be sent directly to Restaurant365.

“Our technologies seamlessly integrate together, enabling Restaurant365 customers to easily take a photo or scan in all invoices including food, alcohol and non-food such as linens, services etc. Our multivendor EDI platform eliminates the manual data entry, streamlines the invoices workflow, and saves time and money,” Dayna continued.

XtraCHEF packages superior technology in a unique architecture that provides a one‐step solution that is both innovative and economical.

Restaurant365’s accounting and operations modules are further enhanced with the xtraCHEF offering, enabling more detailed data to flow into the Restaurant365 platform.

“We strive to offer a very robust restaurant platform and look to strategic partners to provide complementary solutions. XtraCHEF’s ability to remove any manual effort for handling paper invoices provides valuable data that flows directly into Restaurant365’s real-time financial & budget reports, payables processing, and business analytics,” states John Moody, Co-founder and VP Strategic Initiatives.

Restaurant365 and xtraCHEF have a growing number of joint clients that truly look to use the best technology and services to streamline the business side of the restaurant business.