I eat out a lot.  From time to time I find myself stuck in a routine of my favorite places to eat.  This weekend I was reminded what was so fun about eating out – trying something new!  My brother got a recomendation from a collegue at work about an Indian food restaurant in the Irvine area – The India Cook house.  (https://indiacookhouseoc.com). 

It was a blast!  We tried some dishes I had never had before and although some were a little more spicy than we had anticipated, we found ourselves ordering more of each of the dishes as we couldn’t get enough of it. 

The service was excellent, it wasn’t crowded on a Saturday night, it was clean and we enjoyed our culinary adventure.  We will be back to this little hidden treasure for sure.  It reminded me how much fun exploring new places to eat really is. 

Try new things more – you will have more fun!

Morgan Harris – Restaurant365