Compeat Introduces Compeat MobilePlus – An Inventory Recording System for Android or iOS Devices

MobilePlus expedites the process of counting and valuing inventory.
Compeat Restaurant Management Systems is excited to announce the official launch of Compeat MobilePlus. MobilePlus provides managers the ability to record inventory on-hand counts on any iOS or Android mobile device that supports a browser.

MobilePlus includes an option to use a wireless barcode scanner to further facilitate portable and rapid recording of on-hand inventory counts. Multiple counts such as bar versus restaurant or walk-in cooler versus storage room can be taken at the same time. Inventories taken with MobilePlus save a substantial amount of time and are more accurate due to the elimination of traditional count sheets and data reentry.

Compeat Mobile Plus has immediately improved both the speed and accuracy of our inventory valuation counts. Removing paper count sheets has allowed us to save an hour or more during each count, and we’ve also seen a lot fewer of the counting mistakes that sometimes happened while counts were transposed from the worksheets into Compeat. The streamlined, intuitive process is easy to teach and our managers have adopted it enthusiastically.”
Nate Weir, Director of Culinary Operations – Modmarket LLC

Please check out the attached pdf and training video for more information on MobilePlus.

About Compeat Restaurant Management Systems
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