Restaurant Franchisee Management

Reconcile Your Franchise Accounts

Automate franchisee billing/ACH payment collection with the Restaurant365 Franchising module. It enables franchisors to track franchisees and each franchise location, as well as contracts and franchise daily sales, while supporting franchise operations and royalties.

Seamless Royalty Collection

Obtain an accurate picture of your royalty income, automate the calculation and collection of royalty payments, and remove the roadblocks to tracking franchise royalties with the Restaurant365 Franchising module.

Ensure accurate royalties

Receive precise royalty payments with programmable billing.

Get paid faster

Receive ACH bank transfers directly from franchisee accounts.

Receive accurate sales data

Get sales information directly from integrated franchise point-of-sale systems.

Support Franchisee Success

Enable your franchisees to share data, helping them to run more profitably and become better business partners.

Share selected data

Enable your franchisees to see the big picture and compare their numbers with that of other franchisees within your brand by sharing data you want them to see.

Grant access to data

Grant franchisees access to the franchising module and grant (or restrict) access to additional modules, screens, features, menus, etc.

Automated Billing Administration

The Franchising module is integrated with your Restaurant365 accounting software, reducing the risk of manual error by automatically porting your franchisee financial data into your chart of accounts.

Streamline billing

Generate invoices and collect payments using Restaurant365 Accounting.

Select how you’ll bill franchisees

Choose between a single invoice or separate invoices per store.

Choose your fees

Select which fees you want billed on the invoice run.

Enjoy flexible royalty billing

Set up royalty billing as a percentage of sales or as a flat rate.

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