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Operate a Profitable Catering Business

The Restaurant365 catering module is fully integrated into accounting, operations, scheduling and food costing to give you everything you need to run a successful catering business in a single platform.

Manage Catering Events

Create and track opportunities from prospect to completion quickly and easily. Use catering events to drive all catering activity in Restaurant365.

Direct the entire event process

Manage catering events from proposal to billing, including system-generated quotes, contracts and event statements.

Customize your view

View your catering calendar in day, week or month formats and display your events based on selectable filters.

Manage by event or segment

Easily view and manage an entire catering event or segments of an event.

Simplify scheduling

Create shifts and schedule employees for events.

Create and Maintain Menus

Get creative with your menus. After all, your menu is the key ingredient for the success of your catering event. And the Restaurant365 catering module makes it easy to create your distinctive menus and save your favorites for future events.

Create unlimited menus

Create and maintain an unlimited number of menus or groups of menus, e.g., wedding menus, barbecue menus, quinceañera menus, etc.

Produce menus and reports

Create catering menus, add catering items and produce a formatted catering menu report.

Create menu items

Generate catering items from an existing purchased item/recipe, from the new item option, or on the fly while working at a catering event.

Categorize menu items

Filter menu items by catering type, cost, selling price, unit of measure, item number, catering category, exemptions and catering description.

Produce Documentation and Reports

Simplify billing and payments with documentation within the Restaurant365 catering module and use the reporting features to determine your profitability.

Manage payments

Create and manage payment schedules and record payments received.

Leverage your data

Access reports such as catering commissions, catering event profitability, catering menu and catering receivables aging.

Control food costs

Get an accounting of theoretical vs. actual food costs to keep tabs on your spending and profitability.

Streamline billing

Generate quotes, contracts and statements, then email them from within the catering module.

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