Restaurant Analytics Software

Get accounting, operations and POS data in a unified platform

Access all your business intelligence – financials, food costs, sales and labor numbers – in a single, web-based platform.  With Restaurant365, you can dissect your data and view it in easy-to-read dashboards, empowering you to effortlessly analyze your restaurant performance and apply it toward strategic decisions that reduce costs and increase profits.

View Your Data in a Performance Scorecard

Get a visual representation of your operational and financial performance on a single page.  Compare the performance of all your locations in one simplified dashboard.

Visualize multiple charts and tables on a single page

See multiple ad hoc reports as charts, tables or pivot tables in a one-page, easily digestible dashboard.

Build your own solution

Create custom dashboard layouts, combine reports and select timeframes to further analyze data, with no programming or coding required.

Use pre-defined dashboards or create your own

View your data in the default dashboards, or with the proper security level, create your own custom dashboard list.

Set security roles

Determine who can see and modify reports and dashboards, then set security roles to enforce access controls.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Easily analyze the performance of your restaurant business with all the data you need at the click of a button. Whether you run one restaurant or a massive restaurant group with multiple locations and multiple concepts, all your business intelligence is housed in a single database, so you can quickly create automated reports and dashboards for deep analysis and intelligent decision making.

Gain greater understanding

Utilize the business intelligence you gather every day to guide analysis of your financial and operational performance.

Share insights across your organization

Use your analysis to keep your accounting and operations teams focused on high-impact, cost-saving opportunities.

Use business intelligence to drive profitability

Track real-time performance from the brand level to each location, then set performance targets to drive profitability.

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