Questions You Should Ask

A Bakers Dozen Questions That Every Restauranteur Should Ask of a Restaurant Management Software Provider

For your best interest, Restaurant365 encourages you to ask these questions when looking at any Labor, Accounting & Inventory and Reporting Solution:

1. Ask about a Daily Sales Summary (DSS) and compare with Restaurant365’s custom-built Daily Sales Summary in addition to more features such as:

  • Ability to tie out to transaction details like salesmix, guest counts, etc.
  • Ability to create inter-company deposits
  • Sales tax difference reporting
  • Fee accruals
  • House Accounts that link to emailed invoices to customers
  • Comp, promo and VOID tracking
  • Deposit management for automatic bank reconciliation

2. Ask how inventory is conducted – a robust mobile application can offer a very strong tool.

  • Sometimes people use mobile websites to ‘mimic’ a real native App and the result is difficult to use and slow for the end user

3. Ask how the inventory/recipes will be setup – and then to show you how it’s done b/c it’s often very hard to do.

  • When looking items up do you have to type them letter for letter or can you just type any part of the name (like R365)?
  • Are there powerful import tools to bring over all your inventory/recipes and maintain them long-term?
  • Are you forced to manually setup PLU numbers for all your menu items or does the button ‘just show up’ from the POS (like R365)?

4. Ask if the solution supports the following:

  • Year over year sales forecasting that powers Suggested Prep Planning and Suggested Ordering
  • Suggested pars – or are they manually maintained?
  • Waste tracking with user defined reason codes
  • Vendor Order Guides and contract price tracking
  • Memorized orders for easy entry on invoices that happen often
  • Mobile imaging from your app for quick invoice upload to your software
  • Provide a variance report when vendors charge more than quoted
  • Transfers of inventory/costs via mobile app
  • Free 1099 printing or electronic export for e-file

5. Ask how many Accountants do they have on Support and Implementation teams?

Some providers Support and Implementation team have little/no Accounting Best Practices Knowledge.

  • Restaurant365 has over 17 years of accounting experience (one of the founders is even a CPA) and knowledge that we share with our customers

6. Ask how much of the solution/platform is developed in-house and ask when it was built.

Our software was built from scratch in the last 5 years while many ‘old school’ systems are using 15+ year old architecture. That’s probably older than your car!

  • Restaurant365 has a team of in-house developers and all of our customers are able to provide input into the prioritization of features and product roadmap

7. Ask how simple/difficult it is to make revisions to General Ledger entries?

Feedback about some Accounting systems are they can be “very clunky, awkward, and difficult to use to make changes”.

  • Systems that use the antiquated “post/unpost” model might make you go to separate tools just to open up and fix something – that can waste a lot of time

8. Ask if they offer a Commissary solution?

If your business has a central kitchen or commissary, this functionality is critical to accurately track expenses and COGS. Restaurant365 has a full Commissary solution with many features such as:

  • Commissary outside orders that create emailed invoices
  • Production markups by percent or flat fee
  • Shipping markups by percent or flat fee
  • Sales taxes when shipping to outside customers
  • Scheduled orders with reminders to make sure your stores place orders on time

9. Ask if they offer AR Invoicing included at no additional charge? Also ask if the invoices can be emailed out of the system to the customer?

  • While you’re at it – ask if ALL features and modules are included (future ones as well) or if there will be additional fees for other tools and integrations down the road?

10. Ask if they offer a full Franchise management solution with:

  • Auto pulled daily sales, salesmix, labor
  • AP to AR pass through so you can spread an invoice onto franchisee’s bills
  • Customized rules for each franchise billing setup
  • Emailed invoices to franchises
  • ACH files to scoop up franchisee payments
  • Benchmarked financial reporting for franchisee’s to compare and contrast to one another
  • Customized above store reporting with ad-hoc and custom reports on your franchisee performance

11. Ask about a Scheduling solution and its functionality?

Feedback is that some companies offer basic solutions that lack key functionality.

  • Restaurant365’s scheduling is not only easy to use but powerful
  • Does the schedule push to the POS system for enforcement?

12. Ask about price increases in the agreement, is this a transparent figure and capped to insure future pricing?

  • Some companies say that you will pay the “going rate” after some amount of time but do not put in writing what that might be, leaving an open-ended possible price increase of unlimited size – a cap protects you long-term

13. Ask how they will integrate to your outsourced payroll provider?

  • Restaurant365 accrues your hourly/management/tax labor expenses daily and then auto reverses that accrual when your payroll is processed. That way you can review FULL labor cost analysis throughout your payroll period
  • Restaurant365 resweeps the POS every day for all punch changes so we are always up-to-date
  • Restaurant365 partners with industry leaders in hiring HR and Payroll to make your life easy and keep your systems connected

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