QuickBooks has its place.  Let me begin by saying that.  But once your uncle or brother isn’t doing your books for you anymore, you need some controls in your accounting system.  We designed Restaurant365 to be as simple to use as QuickBooks but have the teeth of the legitimate ERP systems.  One of the ways Restaurant365 does this is by having an approval process to all transactions.

I was reminded at how weak QuickBook’s controls are when someone forwarded me a message that popped up for them in QuickBooks today.  Click on the image below to see the full message.

The thought that the system will let these get out of balance is exactly what destroys the integrity of your data and why auditors love it because it means additional billable hours for them.

Don’t let your restaurant accounting software cause you to pay for additional labor to reconcile sub ledgers or auditors to bill extra hours.  Get the restaurant accounting solution designed specifically for restaurants in the cloud – Restaurant365!

Morgan Harris  |  Co-Founder  |  Restaurant365