Report Industry Trends: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Restaurant Industry

R365 Industry Pulse

R365 Pulse is built with comprehensive data pulled directly from the Restaurant365 platform and allows us to identify key insights and trends for the restaurant industry during this trying time and beyond.

Below are the major milestones for restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • March 11: The beginning of the downturn as states begin to restrict dine-in service
  • April 15: Stimulus checks begin to hit bank accounts, a slight uptick in sales can be seen.
  • May 1: States begin to re-open, notably GA & TX. This starts an upward trend of dine-in sales.

Weekly Key Insights

Recovery Sign: Dine-in Surges

(May 31) With 38 states now allowing some form of dine-in service, chart 3 shows dine-in sales clearly trending up and surging past takeout orders. The crossover happened Memorial Day weekend and the data predicts there’s no turning back.

Recovery Sign: Sales Up, Closures Down

(May 31) Restaurants’ sales are currently down 33% year-over-year (chart 2) and 29% of restaurants are still closed (chart 6). Both numbers show continued improvement and are the best since mid-March.

Trend Reports and Analysis

Reports below are updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00am PDT

Restaurant Overall Sales Trend

Year over Year Change in Sales For Open Restaurants

Percent of Total Sales by Service Type

Year over Year Change in Sales by Service Type

Daily Sales for All Restaurants

% of Restaurants Closed

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