Software for Casual Dining Restaurants:

Simplify Multi-Concept Restaurant Operation

The back office of your casual dining operation is where it all happens. It’s where all of the logistical magic happens. But, most   managers would rather spend their time in the front of the house ensuring their guests are having a great experience. With Restaurant365, your managers can run a more efficient operation with more time for guests and you have a birdseye view of back office operations to boost profitability.

From scheduling and forecasting to inventory and accounting, Restaurant 365’s all-in-one solution for restaurant management provides all the tools necessary to run your casual dining locations more efficiently and profitably.

Why You’ll Love Working with Restaurant365

Manage Your Staff Like a Pro

Reduce labor costs by up to 3% with shift-level profitability reporting.

Automatically transfer daily sales and labor data directly from your POS system and use it for smart forecasting and scheduling.

Optimize labor costs with theoretical vs. actual labor cost analysis.

Optimize Prime Costs and Drive Profits

Use menu engineering to promote your most profitable menu items.

Reduce food costs with actual vs. theoretical variance tracking, and suggestive ordering based on historical usage.

Control prime cost with tools such as inventory management, menu engineering, smart labor scheduling and more.

Gain Insights into Your Operation

Access all your reports on any device from one central database.

Scale to meet your casual dining operation’s specific needs with full visibility of multi-store performance.

Access business-critical data to make quick decisions.

Amanda Jabs
Food Fight Restaurant Group

With Restaurant365, we opened five new restaurant locations without adding an accountant.

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