Software for Multi-Concept Restaurant Groups

Simplify Multi-Concept Restaurant Operation

As a multi-concept restaurant group, you manage operational challenges unique to every restaurant — multiplied by several locations and distinct concepts. Keeping tabs on revenues while controlling prime costs becomes more complex as you add locations and concepts. That’s where Restaurant365 excels.  Restaurant365 was designed specifically for restaurants like yours, and simplifies and automates operational processes such as inventory management, staff scheduling, reporting and more. Direct integration with your POS system, payroll provider, food and beverage vendors, and bank streamlines payables and receivables management, as well as bank reconciliation. Multi-concepts, simplified.

Why You’ll Love Working with Restaurant365

Optimize Prime Costs and Profitability

Use menu engineering to promote your most profitable menu items.

Reduce food costs with actual vs. theoretical variance tracking, and suggestive ordering based on historical usage.

Control labor costs with smart scheduling based on precise sales forecasts.

Get Accurate, Up-to-Date Reporting

Seamlessly transfer daily sales and labor data for all locations and concepts directly from your POS systems.

Access all your reports on any device from one central database.

View your P&L statement for all locations and concepts side by side.

Streamline Processes

Eliminate the hassle of manual bank reconciliation and reduce the time it takes to reconcile your books from days to minutes with automated bank reconciliation.

Automate payables management with invoice capture, streamlined approvals and automated payment processing.

Experience end-to-end inventory management from counting and transferring to ordering and invoicing.

Amanda Jabs
Food Fight Restaurant Group

With Restaurant365, we opened five new restaurant locations without adding an accountant.

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