Sales rose 2.9 percent on average last month at restaurant locations, according to the latest NRN-MillerPulse report. Hopefully, your restaurant locations did as well, if not better! My question to you is, how did your sales compare? And more importantly, were you able to track this over the course of the month, and make adjustments along the way?

With Restaurant365, each and every day you can see exactly how your restaurant locations are progressing on a daily, weekly and period basis, and in comparison to the same day, same week and same period of the prior year. You can also see your forecasted sales and labor for each location, compared to actuals, on a daily basis!  Restaurant365 offers a whole set of great operational and forecasting reports.

“Sales trends have been consistent and strong across the industry over the past eight to nine weeks, which bodes well for the future,” said Larry Miller, founder of the monthly MillerPulse report. Hopefully, your locations will have promising growth in the coming months.

MillerPulse results are based on a monthly survey of operators averaging more than $40 billion in industry sales, representing all regions of the country and across the quick-service, casual-dining and fine-dining segments. More info at the MillerPulse website.