What would you do if you had 30% more time to get things done?

Restaurant365 has done some extensive research in today’s restaurant industry and have found some interesting statistics. We have seen that the back office staff of restaurant companies are spending 30% of their time on 3 things:

  1. Reconciling data between two systems (or Excel spreadsheets)
  2. Manually preparing restaurant specific reports (cutting and pasting in Excel each day/ week/ period)
  3. Re-keying data that was already keyed in by another person into another system within the organization (i.e. inventory counts, invoices, paid out details, payroll accruals, etc.)

These three things consume 30% or more time in the average back office of a restaurant company. Restaurant365 is geared to solve these issues, by automating processes, producing restaurant specific reports at the click of a button, and effectively implementing your data into one complete system.

Think of all the tasks you could solve if you had 30% more time! Without doing these 3 tedious tasks, you will be able to better focus on the more important aspects of your business and be more productive. We don’t want you to spend all day in Restaurant365. We want you to complete your tasks and spend more time on other ways to improve your business, not re-keying data or manually preparing reports.

“We have doubled the number of our stores (going from 5 to 10) without adding a single person to our accounting and finance team thanks to Restaurant365. Among many benefits we get from it, the software has made us remarkably more efficient administratively.”

Arthur Li
Head of Business Finance, Altamarea Group

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