Restaurant365 is pleased to announce 3 new features to it’s Banking module for multi-unit restaurant accountants.  They are ACH, Positive Pay, and automatic Check Signatures.

  1. ACH is powerful way of reducing the amount of time you spend printing and mailing checks.  Simply gather bank account info from your vendors and Restaurant365 will make paying your vendors as easy as making a pie.
  2. Positive Pay add a secondary control to check cashing as each check written and cashed at your bank is validated against a list you provide (and is auto-generated out of Restaurant365 for you) as part of your check run.
  3. Automatic Check Signatures is a major time saver for those who still want to print off physical checks but don’t want to sign each one.

The restaurant business is a high volume business.  ACH, Positive Pay, MICR, and Check Signatures are 4 ways Restaurant365 provides multi-unit restaurant accounting teams tight control over cash and administrative efficiency.

Morgan Harris  |  Co-founder  |  Restaurant365