Late last week, I had the privilege of visiting ‘Stacked Restaurant’ in Cerritos.  It was tremendous.  I was there with the team who helped develop their iPad POS solution.  It was my first time using such a device in a restaurant and it was so fun.  The response time on it was amazing and the pictures of the food made me want to order everything on the menu.  I couldn’t resist.  I started it off with this Hot Chocolate Shake.  How cool is that?! 

Hot Chocolate Shake at Stacked





I can definitely see this as taking off in the next few years.  Our ticket total was certainly higher than it otherwise would have been without the iPad ordering system at the table.  It made me want my own device as I felt a little rushed as we had to share the same digital menu.  I could have sat and browsed through the menu for a much longer time.  Once we did hit ‘Send to Kitchen’, the accuracy was perfect and the timing was very quick. 

Great job Stacked and my friends at CBS Northstar!

Morgan Harris  |  Co-Founder  |  Restaurant365