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Restaurant365 is the smartest restaurant management platform that ensures no profit is left on the table. Listeners receive 30% off implementation and one free inventory buildout – a $5,000 value. Schedule your demo today.

–Save time with restaurant-specific accounting
–Streamline your operations and scheduling
–View your P&L daily and discover profits

Over 12,000 restaurants use Restaurant365

Why You’ll Love Working with Restaurant365

Completed Connected

Connect all your systems and consolidate your reporting and operations in a mobile-friendly platform

Prime Cost Control

Control your food costs and optimize your labor with actuals vs. planned  costs variance reporting.

Predictive Forecasting

Create the perfect staff schedule with forecast sales based on history, timing, and even the weather.


Restaurant Specific Accounting

Get your general ledger, accounts payable/receivable, bank reconciliations, budgets, forecasts, and financial reports for multiple locations in one simple dashboard.


Integrate with all the top payroll providers including Paycom, ADP, and dozens more. Our system aggregates all the labor data from your POS for you.


Easily budget for multiple locations at a time, automatically pulling data from food and recipe costs, inventory, and more.



Track your items, auto-update item prices, record stock counts, and automatically create your adjusting journal entry.


Create employee schedules with tools designed to help you reduce labor costs and maximize profits.


Get actionable insights that empower managers with real-time operational flash reports designed with restaurant businesses in mind.

Integrate Restaurant365 with Leading Payroll & POS Providers

Glorian Leach
F&D Kitchen and Bar

If you want a successful restaurant, and at any given moment, understand how your business is doing while also having complete control of it, the only way to go is Restaurant365.

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