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Software Built for Restaurants

A lot goes into running a restaurant. There’s accounts payable and receivable. Manager logs and labor scheduling. Franchise and vendor management. And so much more. Software makes this all easier to manage, but if you’re working with multiple payroll, accounting, and scheduling systems that don’t speak to each other – you’re just making your life harder. It’s tough to grow your restaurant business when you’re buried in software.

Finally, there’s a solution to tie it all together: meet Restaurant365.


& Financials

Accounting Software
Made for Restaurants

Accounting is the heart of the Restaurant365 platform. Our software not only makes restaurant financials easy, but it fully automates much of your accounting tasks and reports – so you can focus on growing your business instead of staring at your calculator.



Payroll Connect

Food & Recipe Costing

AP Automation


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Management From One Dashboard

Our software fully integrates with point of sale, payroll, and scheduling so you can manage everything from one convenient dashboard. Tie in accounting, and you have an accurate, roll-up view of how your restaurant business is performing – and how you can make it even better.

POS Integration

Labor Scheduling

Inventory Purchasing

Menu Mix

Vendor Management

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Real-Time Insights for Your Business

Restaurant365 reporting delivers real-time business intelligence based on your POS and operations data. Quickly view everything you need to know to improve performance for all aspects of your restaurant business – and look good to investors.

Business Intelligence

Financial Reporting



Manager Logbook


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Tying the Restaurant Industry Together

Your restaurant business is more than simply having great food and spectacular service. There are food sales, customer payments, and people that work in and out of your restaurants. Vendor invoices and bills to be entered and paid. Budgets to be built and tracked. And that’s just the accounting piece! You also need to handle labor scheduling, payroll, vendor and inventory management. If you’re managing multiple locations, franchising, and catering, it just gets more complicated. That is exactly why we built Restaurant365. It’s the only truly browser-based accounting, operations and reporting platform designed from the ground up specifically for restaurant businesses. We integrate with all the top payroll and POS systems, so you can simply and easily manage everything from one place. Spend more time with your customers and less time stuck behind your computer. Get back to running your restaurant, and know that your data is in good hands with Restaurant365.