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Opens 13 New Stores Without Expanding Accounting Team

National frozen custard and burger chain with 25 owned and 350+ franchised stores

Amidst Freddy’s rapid growth, CFO Bill Valentas became frustrated with the limitations of the company’s generic small business accounting software. When Valentas was introduced to Restaurant365, he was drawn to the team and the flexibility of the system. He quickly understood how switching would be worth the investment. Noted Valentas, “With Restaurant365 we can see across our whole business and charge things intercompany. Just that function alone saves us multiple days of reconciliation every period.”

Nova Restaurant Group

Produces $850,000 More in Bottom Line Profits

Seven unique restaurant concepts in Minnesota

NOVA Restaurant Group’s biggest challenge was finding an accounting system that efficiently managed its seven stores based on operational periods and corresponding budgets. “I was wasting time investigating falsities rather than managing,” said Bruce Nelson, CFO. “With our old system, I would spend 12 hours a week auditing. Now with Restaurant365, I spend an hour a week, freeing me up to focus on other areas that are aimed at growing our restaurant group versus keeping it accountable.”

The Restaurant People

Launches 8 New Locations and Saves 20% in Accounting Resources

Restaurants and nightlife venues in Florida

The Restaurant People develops, manages, and operates restaurants and nightlife venues in Florida. As the company grew across, it needed to centralize its documents. “We would have needed multiple layers of third-party software to obtain the functionality we wanted. It was going to be expensive and complicated to enhance our infrastructure as we grew,” said Michael Zielinski, CFO. “Then we found Restaurant365 and were floored by all it could do within one system. It was a no brainer.”

Luke’s Lobster

Better manages business, labor, food cost tracking, waste, ingredient pricing and more

Fast casual restaurant group with 29 domestic locations and 13 international locations in Japan and Taiwan

After four years in business, Luke’s Lobster sought a new reporting platform to fit its needs as it continued to expand across the country and the world. The company made the switch from QuickBooks to Restaurant365 because of the software’s multi-functionality for multiple locations and the centralized database for all of its accounting and reporting information. R365’s tools allow Luke’s reporting of 29 restaurants to be completed in the same time as it would for one restaurant.