We recently added a fun report to the reporting gallery inside of Restaurant365.  It is an incredible combination of data from our Operations and Accounting modules.

The design of the report came from one of our customers that had one of their team members (making $80,000 per year in salary) spending 1 day per week assembling this report for each of their 10 locations.  This single report (generated in a matter of seconds out of Restaurant365), frees up $16,000 worth of this person’s time.  That is less than they will spend on Restaurant365 in total for the year.

The neat thing about this report is that it illustrates so many things about Restaurant365 and what it means to be part of the Restaurant365 family:

  1. All new features are available to all customers at no extra charge
  2. Tight collaboration between customer needs and development
  3. Powerful reporting capabilities due to Restaurant365 unique system design

Below is a link to a sample copy of this particular report.  This is only one of many cool ways Restaurant365 will make your restaurant more profitable.

Weekly Review – Location (Sample)

Morgan Harris  |  Co-founder  |  Restaurant365