There are so many moving parts to running a restaurant, managing by exception is really the only way to identify what part of the business needs the most attention.  So how do you know what is an exception?  In the restaurant business, there are 4 things you can compare your numbers to that will tell you what you can work on.  They are:

  1. Same Store Last Year 
  2. Budget / Theoretical
  3. Other Stores
  4. Industry Benchmarks

Which of these should you be looking at?  It totally depends on which aspect of your business you want to focus on.  There are also 4 key metrics in restaurant accounting you will be most interested in – Sales, Cash, Cost of Goods Sold, and Labor. 

Restaurant365 provides a simple and methodical way of looking at these metrics against these anchors to lead you to the biggest problems first.  If you can work your way down the list of issues, you will soon find that there is more money in your bank account.  Powerful restaurant accounting software such as Restaurant365 will help you run a more profitable business. 

Morgan Harris  |  Co-founder  |  Restaurant365