Restaurant365 has been busy lately improving our Reports Gallery. Our philosophy on reporting is to help our clients:

  1. Obtain reports easily,
  2. Know if the information on the report is good or bad,
  3. And know what to do with this information.

With this in mind, Restaurant365 is constantly striving to help our clients obtain the vital information so they can easily and effectively make educated decisions in their businesses. Two new reports that help them do that are our Item Cost Verification report and our Menu Cost Breakdown.

Item Price Verification:

The Item Cost Verification report is to make sure the price you are paying for your materials is consistent across all of your locations and in accordance with the contracted price for that item & vendor. This report will allow you to see, at a high level, the variance of cost (if any) of your goods across all of your locations, and help you focus your attention where it is needed most.


Menu Cost Breakdown:

This aesthetically pleasing report displays graphically the cost of each item category in a menu item, grouping the menu items by their categories (i.e. all burritos, all tacos, all salads. Etc.).


Contact us to see the rest of our Reports Gallery. All reports generated within Restaurant365 are restaurant specific. Stop spending time reconciling data between systems and manually preparing those reports. Restaurant365 is designed to have you get your reports easily and help you have a more productive back office.