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Unlock New Opportunities for Your Clients with ExpandShare

At their core, restaurants and accounting firms have the same aim: service and tireless dedication to guests and customers. Discover the power of employee training with ExpandShare and how it can elevate your shared goals while boosting firm growth.

What is ExpandShare? In the restaurant business, the guest experience can never exceed the employee experience ExpandShare empowers restaurants with better training to create better guest experiences, sales, and profitability to drive drive success like never before.

Why Should You Care? As a trusted advisor to restaurants, you play a pivotal role in your client’s success. Learn how integrating ExpandShare into your services can elevate your value proposition, deepen client loyalty, and unlock new revenue streams for your firm.

What You’ll Learn:

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Meet the Speakers

Eric Harsh
Founder of ExpandShare & Head of Training Marketplace
Brianna Holm
Manager, Channel Partner