I often find myself helping CPA’s explain the value of having a restaurant specific accounting solution to their clients.  Why?  Mostly because QuickBooks is free.  And when compared to that, it’s very difficult to get a restaurant owner to spend money on something he is currently spending nothing on.  So, in an effort to paint the bigger picture, I often reply to my CPA friends in the following way (this is an actual email I sent out this morning to a CPA that is trying to win over a prospect with 3 restaurants):

Dear Jane (not real name),

I understand your prospect is pushing back on the cost of Restaurant365.  When speaking with him next, be sure to dive into the details of how his process works today. Once you add up all the time spent manually doing things that are automated with Restaurant365, it is actually going to save your client money.  Much of the savings comes from not having to re-enter data nor reconcile data from two pieces of software at month end.

Keep in mind that a ‘system’ includes: a process, the people involved (payroll $), and the software they use to complete tasks as part of the process. That entirety is ‘the system’. Once you add up what people are really doing, I am betting that their system today is much more expensive than a system using Restaurant365.

Kind regards,



Morgan Harris  |  Co-founder  |  Restaurant365