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Manage Benefits with Confidence

Reduce the risk of errors while saving time and money with self-service online benefits enrollment, tracking of qualifying events, and automated carrier connections.

Enroll with Ease

Self-Service Your Way to Success

First impressions last. Provide an easy enrollment process for existing and new employees.

restaurant workforce management

carrier communication

Eliminate Carrier

Eliminate unnecessary delays from your benefits administration carrier while improving relationships thanks to automatic communication.


Customize Dashboards to Fit Your Needs

A comprehensive benefits administration dashboard provides insight into all necessary and selected benefits and coverage information.

Purchasing and Receiving


Simplify ACA and COBRA Compliance

Reduce the risk of falling afoul of any law or regulation with an intelligent system that ensures no employee detail is overlooked.

R365 Makes Benefits a Breeze

I cannot say enough about how happy my staff and I are that we made the decision to utilize this tool from Restaurant365, probably the most important decision in the future success and growth of my business.
Joshua Frank,
TFB Hospitality
TFB Hospitality
We really like having all our company documentation, like guidebooks and policies online so that employees can digitally sign them, and we don't have to do all that paperwork individually anymore. So that part of R365 HIRE has been really good too.
Mr. Ashley Moser,
Chef and Owner
Cypress Hall (Twin River Foods)
Cypress Hall
Our management teams were spending so much time going through the orientation, reading the handbook to the new hire, doing paperwork, and things like that. If you’re looking to move into today’s world and get out of paper stuff, this is a no brainer.
Chad Foust,
Sweet Lou’s
Sweet Lou's

Benefits Administration

Give Your Team The Best with R365

Streamline your employee benefits and give a great first impression to your new hires. Kick off an open enrollment period and manage all benefits with R365's intuitive, self-serve portal for employees.


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about R365 Workforce and Benefits Administration.

Once the integration is live, all benefits will be changed in Employee Navigator and integrated with R365 in real-time.

The integration will begin after the first payroll has been processed.

Enroll Your Team With Ease and Accuracy

Automate and streamline the entire enrollment process with R365 Benefits Administration.