All-in-One Restaurant Workforce Management

R365’s scheduling software for restaurants is powered by real-time sales and labor reports that identify restaurant staffing levels that create unforgettable guest experiences and record-setting margins. Recognized as the best restaurant scheduling app, our solution helps operators simplify restaurant shift scheduling and online scheduling for restaurants, ensuring optimal staffing and improved profitability:

See why more than 40,000 restaurants use R365 to increase sales, control food costs, and optimize labor.
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Simplify Scheduling For Your Team

Promote workforce autonomy by giving your employees an app that makes it easy to swap shifts and request changes.


Run Payroll with Ease & Precision Every Time

Avoid manual busy work and repetitive tasks with a restaurant-specific payroll solution that calculates, audits, and processes payroll accurately and in less time.

Employee Training

Dynamic Training Takes Your Brand Farther Faster

Identify training opportunities then easily build customizable learning paths in any language to quickly give your team the skills to carry your culture and guests’ experiences to new heights.


Faster, Smarter Tip Management

Transforms tip management into a transparent, efficient, automated workflow that eliminates manual calculations and human error, giving teams more time to focus on what matters most.


Find Better Talent Faster and Easier

Centralize job postings, applicant reviews, interview schedules, candidate tracking, and communication with a single solution.

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Optimize and Digitize Onboarding

Ensure a smooth onboarding process with an automated, error-free experience that quickly makes new employees productive team members.

Human Resources

Make Your HR Team a Force Multiplier

HR tools and workflows empower lean operators to run a compliant, efficient, and scalable operation.
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Benefits Administration

Enroll Teams with Ease and Accuracy

First impressions last. Provide an easy enrollment process for existing and new employees.

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